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Carlos Galvan

Carlos Galvan

My photography life started in 1958.  Okay that was before I was born.  I’ll explain.  My father served in the Army before he and my mother were married.  Being stationed in the Far East, he took the opportunity to purchase a Petri 35mm camera and flash.  (The kind with the flash bulbs that had to be replaced after a single exposure.)  The fateful day came some 20 years later in 1978 while I was a sophomore in high school.  He gave me that very camera to use and experiment.  I knew absolutely nothing about cameras or photography at the time. In order to learn about the funny sequence of numbers and letters on the various dials, I went to the library to check out a couple of books on photography.  The best book that I found was written by Continue reading »

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Brittany & Bernardo’s Wedding

After over 2 decades of photographing weddings, this is the first one I’ve covered on a Tuesday!  But being educators Brittany & Bernardo decided that the Tuesday before Christmas was the best time for everyone involved.

Butler’s Courtyard is uniquely equipped for events like Weddings.  St. Mary’s (their chapel) is an actual historic church with a working old fashioned bell tower!  The brides preparation area is a beautiful and comfortable whole house with antiques all over the place.  The grooms prep area is styled in a way that any bachelor would love (even short timers).  And the meticulously decorated reception area, made from a restored historic bank, can handle small to medium sized wedding events.  To top it off, I found the staff very friendly professional and accommodating.

I hate to make this sound like a commercial for Butler’s Courtyard but Brittany & Bernardo chose an excellent place for their League City wedding.  Here’s a Photo-Video video of some of the photography my son and I created.  I’ve enhanced these images the way I would for the custom prints we create for our clients.

In this video you can see what Enhancing does for the images that come straight out of the camera.

Ready to see all the Rest of the Wedding Photography!

We have invested many hours selected and enhancing all the best Wedding images.  Our goal was to use every image that is unique and tells part of the story of the wedding.  In other words, any image that might be used in an album.  These selections can now be viewed In  Brittany & Bernardo’s Viewing and Ordering Site !

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Ashley & Colby’s Agave Real Wedding

It’s happening today! Sign up below to be alerted when the Wedding Photos are up!

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Cherie & Joe’s Katy Texas Wedding


Cherie & Joe celebrated their marriage with their too cute daughters in Katy on the 1st of this month at St. Edith Stein Catholic Church.

The Reception followed at a restaurant new to me and a new location for them. Myrna served up some unusual yet authentic Latino courses including a homemade Cilantro Dressing for the salad. (I told her it looked suspicious but tasted delicious).

Wedding Photography Proofing Link

View all the best Wedding Photographs from Cherie & Joe’s Wedding Online .  These images have been carefully selected from all of the originals to be the best representation of the entire wedding.  They have been enhanced for a great image.
Any prints ordered will be Textured & Laquered as well to create Archival Works of Art.

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Nathaly & Franks Ashton Garden’s Wedding

Don’t you love Southeast Texas Winters!  While other folks are stuck inside, we are enjoying the balmy Wedding Weather!  Nathaly & Frank took advantage of Ashton Garden’s Chapel + Dining & Dancing facility to create a Dream Wedding!  Here are some of my Favorite Wedding photos that I Enhanced and then created this “Storybook” Wedding  Photo-Video.

If you enjoyed the photos, please leave a comment below and if you see a like button, click it!

Want to view the rest of the images? Go to Nathaly & Frank’s Image Viewing/Ordering Site.

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Elizabeth & Justin’s Texas Safari Ranch Wedding

Tightly cropped Portrait of Elizabeth Stires

Our Bride Elizabeth Stires

They’re getting married on the 15th of February 2014 so you won’t see any photos till then. Unless your one of the privy who get to see Elizabeth’s Bridal Portrait Session Images! You need the password (which you can get from the bride). To view them visit:
Elizabeth & Justin’s Image Viewing & Ordering Site

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Carrie & Dan’s Alvin, TX Wedding

Wedding Portrait Carrie & DanThey’re getting hitched today.  You’ll be able to view all their best wedding photography here! Be sure to sign up on the Image Viewing & Ordering Page and we’ll make sure you get messaged when the wedding photos are up!

The Wedding Images will be up by the end of the day Wednesday the 15th!

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Jennifer & Kemry’s Houston Wedding

TYC PhotoIt’s today!  This is a quick post to let you know you are in the right place for Jennifer & Kemry’s Wedding Photos.  Want to be notified when all the best photos are posted?  Just leave a comment.

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Loren & Anthony’s Humble Texas Wedding Photos

Wedding Album

Loren & Anthony’s wedding took place in Humble Texas at the beautiful big baptist church with a home family reception.  Lot’s of Love & food present.  Here’s the Wedding Album Layout we have planned.


Want to see the rest of the images?

To View all the images & to order prints etc, visit Loren & Anthony’s Ordering & Viewing Site

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Kim & Marcus’s Brennan’s Wedding Photography

Kim & Marcus Engagement PhotoWas Sunday a beautiful day for Wedding Photography? Well, I wouldn’t mention it if it wasn’t! Kim & Marcus’s Wedding Images turned out spectacularly. I’ll be posting some of my favorite Wedding photos here once I enhance them.

Wedding Image Enhancement

What’s enhancement? I’m glad you asked. When an image comes out of the camera, it is rarely the best that it can be. On the image viewing site all the Wedding Photos are in what I call the Digital Negative state. While not technically accurate, it gets the point across that some manipulation should be done. That’s what I’ll be showing you on this posting. Usually I do what I call the 3 C’s. Adjustment of Crop, Color and Contrast. It makes a huge difference in the wedding photos and especially the prints. All of the images we print are adjusted when we receive the order then sent to the lab.

Online Viewing & Ordering

To view all the best images from Kim & Marcus’s Wedding and to order enhanced prints, please visit the Online Viewing & Ordering Site. Enjoy them and then leave a comment below!

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Wedding Photography Testimonial by Candace Carrington

DSC_6959_ppI met Carlos Galvan during the happiest time of my life.  I was getting married.  I located him on the internet after searching endlessly for a skilled photographer who was not only talented and creative but who would also meet my budget.  Tall order right?  Unlike many photographers who have an impressive website but fail to deliver, from the onset I was pleased with his warm and professional demeanor and his sincere concern with meeting my needs.

On the day of my wedding I was also intrigued by his creativity and ability to capture those special details that I thought that no one else would notice.  By the time my photos arrived I was over the moon.  I was amazed by his personal touch and the amount of extra work that was put into giving my husband and I the most unique photos that would last for a lifetime.  Candace & CerenityNot to mention the unexpected perks.  (You’ll just have to wait and see)

Lastly, I was so impressed with Studio Galvan that he became my family photographer.  I used him for all of my special  events both business and personal, referring all of my friends and family.  I later asked “Do you have a job for me, I would love to come work for you?”  Surprisingly he said “Yes!”

I know first hand that Carlos Galvan is one of Houston’s Best Kept Secrets.  I am not only proud to work for him, I’m also a lifelong client.

Candace Carrington
Creative Wedding Consultant

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